Memoirs - I Use 4 Screens

Published 2017-05-17

Short and sweet this one and long before the time of Windows, on real computers!

Sometimes we would use consultants to do work. One consultant would do his work in 4 logical sessions, this would allow 4 separate jobs on one connection (on one terminal) running concurrently. These could be separate editors for example - debugging, compiling, editing.

Left is a typical terminal. These had limited power and were normally connected via co-ax directly to the computer or via WangNet (a pre-Ethernet type connection).

Despite their limited power, I know someone who wrote the Pacman game in assembler that ran on a terminal such as this.

I’m feeling all nostalgic just looking at this. Those were the days!

When things just worked and hardly ever had any downtime!!

Anyway, back to the story …

Running 4 logical connections was a common technique, he wasn’t alone - I did the same!

In fact, it was expected so that time could be utilised effectively. After all, compilation/linking of a large program could take some time!

Well, this particular consultant always tried to maintain that because he did this, he should get paid 4 times as much. It didn’t go down well, as one might expect.

He was actually very good at his job, but 4 times as much? - No way!

If you were that consultant - you should still hold your head in shame!

Get in touch, it would be great to reminisce about the great times we had.