Epoch-alypse Now

Published 2022-01-18

“Feeling old yet? Let the Reg ruin your day for you. We are now substantially closer to the 2038 problem (5,849 days) than it has been since the Year 2000 problem (yep, 8,049 days since Y2K).”

This is the opening sentence of an article in The Register published on Monday, entitled Epoch-alypse now: BBC iPlayer flaunts 2038 cutoff date, gives infrastructure game away

It brought back memories for me of the Y2K “bug” that I had to give up 1999-2000 new years celebrations because of the “expected armageddon” that was going to happen.

Thankfully where I worked at the time, had done their homework and devoted time mitigating this.

Needless to say, it was an uneventful and quite boring evening.

And yes, I do feel old!